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AKRON, Iowa  —  Iowa’s 4th district representative Steve King hosted his annual pheasant hunt on Saturday morning in Akron, Iowa.

The Congressman was joined by a number of guests, including a member of the first family. Donald Trump Jr. walked through the tall grass and tried his hand at knocking down some pheasants. King says the president’s son is a great shot and just as good as any of the presidential candidates he hosted in the past.

Trump Jr. makes his visit to northwest Iowa a day after FBI special counsel Rex Mueller announced criminal charges will be assessed in the Russian election interference investigation. Charges will be handed down on Monday, and some are wondering how the Trump administration will be affected.

“No, there’s no substance, and that would have to start in the House judiciary committee,” said Representative King. “Louis Gomhert and Steve King would have something to say about that. Now we have to put the names in there of some of the investigators that might be and would be the subjects of having a look at their activities, and Mueller would be among that list.”

King added that former FBI Director James Comey should also be the subject of an investigation.

The Congressman and Trump Jr. went back out for an afternoon hunt. Trump Jr. will stay overnight at Hole N’ The Wall Lodge, where the hunt was held.