CLIVE, Iowa — Dogs and their humans participated in a 5K walk, run or wag to raise money for the American Rescue League.

The 5K took place on Sunday morning from 9 a.m. to noon at the Horizon Event Center. The event is hosted by the American Rescue League with the goal to raise $20,000 to help the ARL take care of over 10,000 pets across the state.

“The ARL provides some incredible services, of course we have adoption, we do a lot of veterinary work in the community and dogs that are in our care,” said Alex Cruz Koenig, a special events coordinator with the ARL. “But we also have a lot of super cool programs that I feel the public doesn’t know about. We offer foster programs, similar to foster situations with children. So if it’s not ideal for a pet to be in the shelter, then that dog will go to a foster family.

The ARL also provides free vaccinations and chip trackers for dogs adopted through them. The Dog Jog is the ARL’s second biggest fundraiser of the year, and the biggest just involving man’s best friend.

After the 5K there were businesses set up in tents showing off their products to dog owners, or just providing food and treats for dogs and humans alike. The vendors donate a good portion of their proceeds back to the ARL, and 100% of the registration fees go back to the non-profit.

The event drew out 200 people and their dogs on Sunday morning. This is the second year of the event being back from COVID 19, where pre-pandemic the Dog Jog averaged 800 people.

“Not our biggest dog event but we are shooting for numbers to get way higher,” said Cruz Koenig.

The ARL so far has raised $12,442 of their $20,000 goal this year. To donate or learn more about the event for next year, visit their website.