DES MOINES, Iowa — When the mercury hits below ten degrees, many people stay indoors. But for those who have dogs, that’s not really an option.

Maria Reveiz stopped by the Dog Park along the Riverwalk in downtown Des Moines with her dog Ginger.

“She likes sometimes, I just go around for drives when it’s so cold she’ll come outside, she’ll be ready to go in a few minutes,” said Reveiz.

“You do what makes them happy you know,” said Antonio Love, who brought Venus out to the dog park. “She’ll stay out here as long as possible. I mean she can stay forever if she, if she has the opportunity.”

At the Animal Rescue League, they advise people on watching their dogs, when they take them out in cold weather.

“I have two dogs myself, my little dog doesn’t handle the cold weather as good as my big dog, so even this morning when we’re out walking, it was really cold this morning she stopped, she looked up at me, ‘Dad I’m cold,'” said Brian Madison of the Animal Rescue League. “So I just had to scoop her up and carry her the rest of the walk with my big dog, he was still fine.”

Madison said it’s good to see how they react in the cold.

“I think about it as your, I know your feet, your hands, if you’re stepping on that cold payment, how cold that would be for your hands, same for their paws,” said Madison.

Some dogs don’t like the cold, while others do.

“In the cold weather you do want to monitor them,” said Madison. “You don’t want to leave them outside by themselves in this cold weather without supervision, but some big dogs, do like the outside and like the cold weather.”