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DES MOINES, Iowa – A drop in COVID-19 case counts in Iowa has Polk County adjusting its plans and closing its drive-through testing clinic.

“I’m not saying COVID’s gone away forever,” Angela Connolly, Polk County supervisor, said. “We’re certainly still watching it very closely and if we need to resume we will, but I really do think that we’ve taken all the precautions necessary and our folks at the health department have done an outstanding job getting the message out.”

Polk County Health Department will be moving its drive-through vaccine clinic indoors starting Monday, April 4.

Announcements like these make us feel like the end of the pandemic is near, but local doctors warn we’ve been here before.

“We’re very hopeful. All the numbers look good, but things could turn south or go sour fairly quickly,” Dr. Ravi Vemuri, an infectious disease consultant at MercyOne, said.

That’s why they’re warning Iowans to stay vigilant.

“It’s not like there’s this nice happy ending tied up in a bow and it’s over. It’s going to keep rearing its ugly head and we just now need to use the tools that we have to be able to respond appropriately,: Dr. Patricia Newland, a family medicine physician at UnityPoint, said. “So if you’re feeling sick, you should get tested because now we have treatment options for you. And if you haven’t been vaccinated, definitely get that done.”

Doctors say it’s not too late to get the COVID vaccine or booster if you haven’t yet. You can make an appointment at

You can also still pick up at-home testing kits at Polk County Health Department.