DES MOINES, Iowa – It is officially political season. When you open your mailbox, it can be full of mailers from political campaigns. Some may go straight to the trash, but a political consultant for Republican candidates says the flyers are necessary.

“You got to stay in front of voters and one way to do that and say top-of-mind is by sending those mailers,” said Eric Woolson, of Concept Works, a strategy firm working with Republican candidates. “When people go out and get the mail they see the candidates, that’s an opportunity for you to make sure that they know the election is coming up.”

Woolson said the lions share of ad dollars goes to television ads. One area which used to see big dollars, is now seeing less, and that is newspapers. In the Friday October 28 editions of the Des Moines Register there were no political ads in print or online editions.

“Print has had a bigger and bigger challenge trying to get that share of the campaign advertising budget,” said Woolson. “It’s been a tremendous frustration to the newspapers over the years, now that they still devote time to covering races, yet they don’t get that share of the revenue that they used to.”

Woolson said that spending on internet ads continues to go up.

“There is that mix, TV obviously coming first. Radio, second. Internet is taking a much larger share than it used to,” said Woolson. “Some campaigns that I work with really wanted to focus solely on internet advertising, so we’re seeing the internet play a large role because people are spending more time on the internet.”

Woolson said newspapers can also play a factor in reaching older people, as they are more apt to read a paper, and they are more likely to vote.