DMPS Students March to Capitol to Protest Education Bills


DES MOINES, Iowa — More than one hundred Des Moines Public Schools students walked out of class on Monday afternoon to rally at the State Capitol against two proposed educational bills. The walkout was organized by by DMPS Racial Equality and Justice — a student-led organization.

The group is protesting House File 802 — a bill that would ban any stage agency or school from teaching that “inherent racism” can exist (among other intellectual theories that would be made illegal) and House File 813 — which would create a charter school program. Student leaders say the state is ready for change, but our elected politicians need to listen to Iowans first if anything is to change.

“Iowa is hesitant to move forward. We have people who have communicated their need for liberation and equity, and people who have asserted themselves and advocated for their needs for justice, and I think we’re kind of just moving slow as a state,” said Lyric Sellers of DMPS Racial Equity and Justice at the rally, “But the people are where the power really stands. So because you see all the people that showed up in solidarity, who are ready for change, it’s just, we’re waiting on our legislation.”

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