DMPS Selling Building, Moving Staff to Offset Budget Cuts

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Public Schools is in the process of selling a building and moving hundreds of students and staff to new locations, as part of an effort to offset cuts in funding.

The largest move, which was announced in April, is the consolidation of Lincoln High School and the RAILS Academy. The final move in the process will be the sale of the administration building located at 2323 Grand Avenue. The building will be placed on the market in the fall after the staff moves are completed.

Starting at the 2019-2020 school year, Lincoln High School will once again be a 9-12 school. The 9th grade class will no longer attend classes at the RAILS Academy.

The RAILS Academy, located at the former Kurtz Junior High School, is being renovated to make room for the district’s student services that are currently housed at 2100 Fleur Drive. The district’s human resources and financial services staff will move from the building being sold on Grand Avenue to the office building at 2100 Fleur Drive. Other staff will transfer to the Walnut Street School building or the former Smouse Opportunity School, which consolidated most students into Ruby Van Meter School last year.

DMPS outlined the projected moves:

Moving to Kurtz Building, 1000 Porter Avenue

  • Welcome Center (moving Oct. 1)
  • Center for New Americans
  • DMPS Virtual Campus
  • Assessment, Data and Evaluation
  • English Language Learning
  • Community Schools (including Metro Kids Care and Community Partnerships)
  • Climate and Culture
  • Options Academy
  • Student Activities

Moving to 2100 Fleur Drive

  • Human Resources
  • Financial Services

Moving to Smouse, 2820 Center Street

  • Special Education
  • Health Services

Moving to Walnut Street School building, 901 Walnut Street

  • Gifted and Advanced Learning


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