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DES MOINES, Iowa – Des Moines Public Schools gives additional support to students who may fall behind through the Flex Academy.

Located at all DMPS high schools, the Flex Academy allows students to be in control of how he or she wants to learn.

Flex Academy Math Teacher at Lincoln High School Tony Bellegante said students will take math, science, English or social studies at the academy.

“We do have some students that are down here all day with us. They take all of their core classes down here with us. But then, we have other students that are down here for just one time a day,” Bellegante said.

Bellegante said most students in the academy have failed a class, but for some he or she may have a job and this program allows them to have a flexible schedule.

Senior at Lincoln High School Tinotnda Gore said she has seen an improvement since she started.

“When I was in a regular classroom setting I wouldn’t really absorb the information, because they moved at a faster pace, but with Flex Academy I actually learn,” Gore said.

The program allows students to learn at his or her own pace. The only deadline is having the class completed by May.

“I like that it’s at my own pace. Better than a classroom setting where they sort of rush you to finish. You don’t really absorb the information and learning it,” Gore said.

Bellegante said the teachers work one-on-one with students using different techniques to improve a student’s grade.

“The relationships is really what makes this work. The kid doesn’t trust you or doesn’t want to be with you, then they are not going to work for you,” Bellegante said.

Students will learn material through textbooks, worksheets and online assignments.