DES MOINES, Iowa — Four people have been apprehended following a crash that resulted in several people being seriously injured Wednesday evening.

An officer with the Des Moines Police Department attempted to initiate a traffic stop at around 5 p.m. after witnessing a vehicle allegedly speeding through the intersection of East 18th Street and Capitol Ave. and failing to yield at a stop sign.

Seconds later, the violator’s vehicle crashed into another vehicle in the intersection of East 23rd Street and Capitol Ave., according to a press release. The violator’s vehicle came to a stop after crashing into a utility pole.

According to the police department, several people fled the violator’s vehicle and left behind a firearm, illegal drugs, and drug paraphernalia. Of the five people that were in the vehicle four have been apprehended. The police department said several felony charges are pending.

Two people inside of the second vehicle that were struck by the violator’s vehicle were transported to the hospital.