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ALBIA, Iowa — Harry Milligan vanished from Albia on July 1, 1984 at just 21-years-old. Thirty-eight years later, people are not giving up on trying to find answers of where he could have gone.

“I have probably traveled every single gravel road in Monroe County to try and find him,” said Milligan’s brother, Mark Milligan.

A private dive team, Chaos Divers, is the latest entity to take up Harry Milligan’s missing person case. The Illinois-based team spent the past week searching for clues in and around Albia.

“This is something good that we can do, we can get the sonar and try and help solve cold cases,” said Chaos Divers founder Jacob Grubbs.

The team specializes in finding vehicles underwater. Milligan’s car has also never been seen since he went missing.

“In our work, we have brought ten people home,” Grubbs said.

“We searched places I didn’t think were accessible this time,” said Chaos Diving team member Lindsay Bussick. “We went through thirteen ponds, three reservoirs, Lake Miami, and Rathbun Lake.”

The dive team did not find any trace of Harry Milligan, but Mark said even finding no answers provided answers on its own.

“It helped me ease my mind, because I may not know where he is, but I know where he’s not,” Mark Milligan said.

The Chaos Divers moved on to another assignment in Missouri after Wednesday’s search. The team said they plan to come back, and Mark Milligan will continue searching for Harry in the meantime.

“I told Mark I will do whatever it takes,” Grubbs said. “We did, as a team.”

“I know I’m going to find him someday,” Mark Milligan said. “Whether that’s when I meet my maker or not, I know I’m not going to give up.”