Dirty, Matted Dogs Recovering at Furry Friends Refuge After Being Dumped

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Nine dogs are now in recovery after they were abandoned outside of Furry Friends Refuge on Monday.

The Furry Friends Refuge Director Britt Gagne said she believes they are all Bichon Shih Tzu mixes with the youngest being about 5-months-old and the oldest being about 5-years-old.

All of them had matted hair and were covered in dirt and feces.

“The major mattes that restricted movement and everything have been removed at this point in time, but we do have a volunteer who is going to be grooming them and making them look fuzzy and cute here this weekend, and then we are also working on everybody getting spayed and neutered [and] getting ear infections cleared. All of those needs tended to,” Gagne said.

Some of the dogs have been put into foster homes but need a lot of socialization and potty training before they can be adopted.

Gagne said they are currently working with local law enforcement to make sure there aren’t other dogs in the same conditions at the location where these came from.

“And just because the one individual dropped off the animals does not necessarily mean that that is the individual that is responsible for the condition, but we definitely do want to learn who was responsible for dogs being in this condition,” Gagne said.

Some of the dogs could be ready for adoption in about a week and Gagne said they’ve already received some adoption applications.


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