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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Losing weight is the most popular New Year’s resolution people make but medical experts say be careful how you do it.

Dietitians at Unity Point Weight Loss Clinic do not recommend detox diets. They claim there is no scientific evidence to support if a colon cleanse or juice diet actually works. Experts also say many products sold a local nutrition stores are not federally regulated.

“Detoxing can be dangerous because a lot of times it’s severe calorie reduction, inadequate in vitamins, minerals and proteins. A lot of patients end up in the ER for electrolyte imbalances and vitamin deficiencies,” says registered dietitian, Janelle H.

Janelle adds it’s also dangerous to buy detox products because the manufacturer does not know the medical history of the person taking the product, which could lead to other medical complications.

The West Des Moines clinic has seen an increase in calls since the beginning of the year of patients asking about how to lose weight. Experts recommend diet and exercise as the best way to lose weight; especially those looking to lose 50 pounds or less.