Despite the Flooding, Construction at Water Works Park is On Schedule

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Despite the flooding and the winter, Water Works Park has made some noticeable additions to their construction projects.

Construction began June 2018, in August, Water Works Park had just leveled out the grounds were just beginning to set up the amphitheater.

Then, two days after Christmas, they lowered the roof onto the amphitheater and then finished building the base of the restrooms and put the canopy up in late March of 2019.

Everything seemed to be on track and then the flooding hit, flooding on Fleur Drive spilled over the road and was pooling in Water Works Park.

The tunnel connecting the park and Grays Lake has not yet been built but if it were, it would be completely filled with water. Something workers say is all part of the plan.

“Most people think everything floods from west to east but not here because the topography, it will actually flood up from Grays Lake and then it will drain down Grays Lake. Right now, you see a pool there, that’s because the passage way is not in, but if the passageway was there that water would have already started to recede back into grays lake,” Water Works Park Foundation Executive Director Sam Carrell said.

Crews say because the amphitheater is built on the highest ground it has only flooded a totally of 12 days since 1996. Because it is flooded right now, they are waiting for the water to drain and they will assess how much this will impact construction.

But they built it with flooding in mind so crews say the biggest thing it could impact is seeding the grass. They still plan to open in late June with the first event being the Des Moines Symphony in early July.


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