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DES MOINES, IOWA — Last month a Des Moines woman learned just how secure her security system keeps her when a wake-up call saved her from carbon monoxide poisoning. On Thursday, she were finally able to say thank you in-person.

Red Stajcar was asleep at home on the night of June 6th when her cell phone woke her up. On the other end of the call was a dispatcher from ADT Security warning her there was a carbon monoxide alert in her home. Minutes later, first responders arrived and tested the air quality in her home. Those tests found 220 parts-per-million of carbon monoxide in the air – more than twice the level at which severe sickness begins.

Stajcar’s brother had been at home earlier and had been feeling symptoms as well, but hadn’t realized what was causing it.

On Thursday, ADT hosted a reunion with Stajcar and those who responded to save their lives – including the dispatcher whom they flew in from Florida. Stajcar says she was unaware of the dangers of carbon monoxide two months ago, and can’t believe how close she came to possibly dying in her sleep.

“You can’t smell it, you can’t see it – it literally is a silent killer,” said Stajcar, “Knowing that it was that high is quite scary and I am definitely blessed from all the people involved, my family, God keeping me safe, guardian angels watching over me.”