DES MOINES – Des Moines Water Works is relocating a key maintenance facility to prevent future issues caused by flooding.

The current maintenance facility, which houses equipment needed to maintain Water Works Park, frequently floods leading to employees needing to move equipment and work out of their cars until the waters recede.

Ted Corrigan, the CEO and General Manager of Des Moines Water Works, said that the cleanup of the facility was another issue.

“When they go back it’s just a mess,” Corrigan said, “The facility is completely full of river mud. The drywall has to be removed the office has to be cleaned.”

The new location for the facility will be across the floodplain safely located next to Jasper Winery north of George Flagg Parkway. The city approved a zoning request for the area in January.

Corrigan said the new facility will help the maintenance workers provide better service.

“We’re going to build them a nice new facility that they will be able to stay in when it floods. It’ll be on the dry side of the levy, they’ll be better prepared and better able to fight floods and provide the maintenance functions they provide without having to worry about moving out and then cleaning up and then moving back in,” said Corrigan.

Construction of the new maintenance facility is expected to be finished next year.