Des Moines Victim Escapes With Minor Injuries Despite Bullet in His Head

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police say a man is lucky to have escaped with minor injuries after being shot in the head Saturday night.

“It certainly looks accidental and somebody was mishandling a firearm. We don’t believe it to be intentional, but there’s a real strong possibility there could be criminal charges moving forward,” said Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek.

Police were called to the 1100 block of 27th Street near Drake University around 11 p.m. Saturday on a report of shots fired.  When they arrived, police found a large gathering of people inside and a man with a gunshot wound in the head.  Investigators believe the shot was fired in one room and then traveled through the wall into an adjacent room where it struck the victim. Police say that wall may be the reason the victim’s injuries were not fatal.

Parizek said, “He is going to be fine.  It’s kind of remarkable when you think about that injury.  Had that bullet not gone through the wall, we’d probably be telling a different story right now, but he did receive a gunshot injury to the head and doctors were able to retrieve a bullet.”

No names have been released at this time. Drake University did issue an alert to students after the shooting. No charges have been filed at this time. Police say much of their time has been tied up with Saturday’s homicide.


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