Des Moines Snowplows Do a Dress Rehearsal for Snow Season

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The City of Des Moines held an all-day prep session Wednesday for the coming snow plow season.

200 drivers assembled on East 6th Street in a city garage to go over the new routes, and procedures which were established last year.

Des Moines had around 30 inches of snow fall last season. Under the old plan, that would have cost $3 million to plow and clean. Under the new plan, multiple plows team up to hit main roads first, and as a result, residential streets can be plowed sooner.

Last year, the city only spent $1.8 million on snow, saving $1.2 million.

Wednesday drivers were busy driving over the routes without plows or sand. The idea is to get again familiar with where they will work once the white stuff falls.


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