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DES MOINES, IOWA — The record-setting storm that hit Des Moines on Monday and Tuesday cost the city $335,000 to clear. But Des Moines Public Works says its snow removal budget is still doing fine, despite nearly a foot of snow falling in 24 hours.

So far this winter season, the city of Des Moines has seen 41.9″ of snow. That’s is already above the 10-year-average of 36.5″ of snow. Despite being ahead of average for snow, the city says it still has two-thirds of its snow removal budget available. They say that is partly to do with the size of the storms we’ve seen.

“That’s mainly due to the fact that we get larger storms instead of a bunch of small ones,” says Ada Smith, Deputy Director for Des Moines Public Works, “We’ve only used a third of our budget. We probably have another month and a half of winter really left so we’re in pretty good shape for.”

Roads may be clear of snow in town, but all of the plow work left behind giant mounds of snow in the city. Public works crews were using front end loaders and dump trucks to remove some of those piles on Thursday. Smith says Public Works is still unsure about when it will begin a snow removal project in downtown Des Moines. He says doing that would require removing plow blades from some equipment. They don’t want to do that with more snow possibly in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday.