Des Moines School Board Approves Changes to Scavo High School


DES MOINES, Iowa – The Des Moines School Board has approved changes to Scavo High School for next school year.

There was no discussion before approving the change at Tuesday night’s meeting.

DMPS Superintendent Tom Ahart said the school will now become a program.

“It has become really impossible to staff SCAVO at a level that we need to meet the state requirements while at the same time the student-enrollment is dropping,” Ahart said.

Ahart said students enrolled in the school will transition into other programs like virtual academy and options academy.

“We’re changing it from a school to a program, so we are still going to be offering the same services to the students but we will be able to make that happen in a much more cost-effective manner. At the same time we would still be actively enrolling students into some of our other programs,” Ahart said.

Around 400 students are currently enrolled in Scavo.


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