DES MOINES, Iowa — A restaurant in the East Village has expanded their team with a new worker – Rosie the robot.

Barrel House opened their Court Ave. location in August and about two weeks ago they welcomed Rosie to their team. Sydney, a server at Barrel House, said Rosie has been a helpful new addition.

“She’s been very helpful just running food for us, especially for me when I’m taking a lot of tables it definitely helps a lot,” Sydney said.

As a member of the team, Rosie’s job is to run customers’ food to their tables. She was implemented as a way to ensure fast service for customers and to provided assistance to the servers.

Rosie isn’t the Barrel House’s first robot server. The restaurant’s locations in Marion and Cedar Rapids have been utilizing robots to fill staffing holes for several months now.

Other restaurants across the country have begun implementing robots to their workforce, but some people have concerns that the robots will take jobs away from people. Sydney said she’s not worried about that.

“A lot of people are concerned it’ll take away from our jobs, but I’m not concerned about that at all. I think it’s a benefit,” Sydney said.

Barrel House opened their first restaurant in Davenport in 2011. There are now six locations in Iowa and one in Illinois.