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DES MOINES, Iowa — The famous Drake Relays are right around the corner but a different tradition was held Sunday ahead of the big week.

The 37th annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest had enough cuteness to carry you through a whole year. The contest featured 50 costume-wearing pups from around the country.

This year, the title went to Vincent, a bulldog from right here in Des Moines.

However, it wasn’t an easy path for Vincent to the crown.

Just nine months ago, the English bulldog was located wandering the streets of West Des Moines with no home. After landing in foster care, Meredith and Chad Green of Des Moines took him into their family.

“He’s not your typical bulldog, where owners often talk about how theirs is so lazy,” said Meredith Green, according to a Drake University press release. “Vincent is actually very active.”

Vincent now gets top bragging rights as well as a crown and cape after overcoming the odds, in addition to participating in relay events throughout the week.