DES MOINES, Iowa — Several inches of snow are forecasted to blanket Des Moines on Wednesday, and the city already has all of its plow operators ready to take on the severe weather.

Des Moines Public Works Director Jonathan Gano said plow operators will start working 12-hour shifts Wednesday morning and will respond en masse when the first precipitation falls in the city.

“This will last for a while and will take a full-court press by our team to be able to manage it,” Gano said. “Those trucks are ready to go and ready to roll out with just a few minutes of preparation.”

Plow operators will perform their usual snow response: they will clear 750 miles of high-traffic streets marked as “snow routes” first, then clear the remaining 1,500 miles of neighborhood streets after that.

Gano is optimistic the streets will be clear enough to safely drive 24 hours after the last snowflake.

“It’s a good temperature spot for the salt to be most effective at melting ice and snow, right around 32 degrees,” Gano said.

Crews will not brine the roads due to the possibility of rain washing it away.

Gano said operators are rested enough to take on the elements, since the last major snow event occurred days before Christmas.

“They’re ready to go again,” Gano said. Where it really wears on the team is when it’s snow after snow after snow after snow and they never catch a break.”