DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Public Works handles the city’s dirtiest jobs, including plowing snow and collecting trash. The department finally has a clean, new building to call home after years of planning.

Municipal Services Center 2, also known as MSC 2, opened on the corner of East 17th and Maury in October after more than a year of construction. Des Moines Public Works spent the past few weeks moving everyone into the new building.

“This was literally years in the making,” said Des Moines Public Works director Jonathan Gano. “We’ve moved seven different work groups that have been spread across seven different buildings and three different city blocks into one place for the first time in generations.”

MSC 2 had its first test Thursday when more than an inch of snow fell across Des Moines. Gano said the snowplows had an easier job than ever because all of the snowplows are able to fit inside of a heated garage.

“Drivers can walk around and do their inspection and drive away without needing to do any additional prep for things to warm up,” Gano said. “They don’t need to spend an inordinate amount of time to make sure the rock salt is broken up and not frozen.”

Now that the Public Works Department has moved to MSC 2, its former complex will be demolished within a few weeks. The old buildings are located at the heart of the new Market District development, which will add businesses and housing to the area between East Village and Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway.

Gano said it is long past time for the old headquarters to meet the wrecking ball.

“The building was literally falling apart as we were in it,” Gano said. Concrete chunks were crumbling off and landing on employees’ cars in the parking lot, so not a great workspace. I will not be sad to watch it go.”