DES MOINES, Iowa — A new program at the Des Moines Public Library is giving people the chance to use household items without having to buy them. Launched a few weeks ago, the “Library of Things” allows people to check out a variety of items ranging from things used around the house, to games, kitchen items and more.

Tim Paluch with the Des Moines Public Library said items include a radon detector, metal detectors, a waffle maker, an ice cream maker, cookie cutters and more.

He said items are free to rent with a library card for anyone over 18. People request the item on the library’s website. They can pick it up from any of the library’s six locations. Rentals last a week, but you can also rent the items for up to three weeks if nobody else requests the item.

Paluch said the library got the idea after seeing other libraries do something similar. He added programs like “Library of Things” continue the library’s evolution showing it’s much more than books.

“Libraries are so much more than books. You can walk upstairs right now and see dozens of people using our public computers, you can check out museum passes with our Iowa Adventure program, DVDs, online digital resources, Kanopy which is our movie collection, and we have things like STEM and literacy kits for children, games. So this is just another example of how the library truly is more than just books and even though books are our bread and butter, you know, we provide a lot more than that to the community,” Paluch said.

He said the program’s been so successful so far and the library plans to double its collection.