Des Moines Police Stayed Busy Assisting Motorists During Winter Storm


DES MOINES, Iowa — Road conditions across central Iowa are becoming more clear by the hour but according to law enforcement that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe for Iowans to get behind the wheel.

As of 9:00 Tuesday night, the Iowa State Patrol reports responding to 91 crashes that caused over 80 property damages leaving seven people injured. 

The Des Moines Police Department said they’ve responded to 93 people with stuck vehicles on the road. 

“The biggest problems we saw yesterday was anywhere, where there’s a hill. If there was a hill then people were stuck. That snow came fast and got deep fast,” Sgt. Paul Parizek said. 

The Iowa State Patrol and DMPD said none of these accidents resulted in fatalities. 

Des Moines Public Works currently has a fleet of 100 plows working. Director of Des Moines Public Works, Jonathan Gano, said that they are benefiting from having new equipment for snow removal and less people on the road due to it being a holiday week. 

However, the ice on the roads can still cause huge problems for those in the metro. 

“If we end up with the freezing mix that’s currently showing up in southern Iowa, landing on top of what we got now, that will put an extra layer of caution on anybody that wants to get out and drive until the salt on the snow routes has had a chance to work it’s way down and melt that off and let us get down to bare pavement,” Gano said. 


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