DES MOINES, IOWA — Des Moines Police say they have a good lead on a suspect in a shooting that injured one person on the south side of Des Moines on Monday afternoon. Police were first called about suspicious activity near the Baymont on Willow Creek Drive to the southwest of the Des Moines International Airport. As police were responding, the call turned into a shooting in the parking lot of the hotel.

When police arrived both the victim and suspect had left the scene. The victim was found nearby with a gunshot wound to the torso. Police say he is expected to survive his injuries and was able to talk with investigators. Other witness statements and video evidence is being gathered as well.

Police say the shooting was targeted and there is no threat to the public. One question police are trying to answer is why the victim and suspect were at a hotel where neither of them were staying. Police say neither the hotel nor a nearby trucking company were in any way involved in the incident.

Police have not released a suspect’s name but say they are confident they know who they are looking for. This is a developing story.