DES MOINES, Iowa — Many people will be ringing in the new year celebrating Saturday night into Sunday morning. Des Moines Police will also be out in full force making sure everyone stays safe especially on the roads.

Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said New Year’s Eve is one of the department’s busiest nights annually when it comes to catching drunk drivers.

He said while the department doesn’t “poach” on the bars, officers will be on foot patrol down Court Avenue making sure everyone stays safe while celebrating. The department does have a dedicated traffic unit. Officers will be patrolling the entire city for potentially impaired drivers.

Parizek adds, it’s not worth it to drink and drive, especially with Uber and Lyft being commonplace making it easy for anyone to find a safe ride home.

“The best advice we can give everybody is make sure you got a designated driver if you are going to be out,” he said. “It’s good to have a wing man because they’ll take care of you. If you’ve got a plan to have a rideshare or a taxi, you’re already in good shape. So do those things before you leave so you’re not scrambling at the end of the night thinking ‘Am I good enough to drive? Am I not good enough to drive?’ Just play it safe, get somebody to drive you or call a rideshare.”

He said it’s best to leave the car at home when you go out. That way there is not temptation to drink and drive.

“It’s very dangerous and it could harm yourself, you could harm somebody else,” Parizek said. “The guidance that we like to give people is don’t even take the risk. You know it’s not worth the reward. So just stay safe, leave your car at home, catch a ride and we want everybody to make it home safe that night.”

He added it’s a good idea to have someone in your group remain sober regardless of whether anyone is driving because that person can make sure everyone stays safe if someone drinks too much.