Des Moines Pastor Defends Himself Against Shooting Allegations

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A local pastor is defending his name after being accused of firing a gun into a car his adult daughter was in. Pastor Michael Cameron Sr. says he is innocent.

“I did not fire my gun that night. There is no way I would have shot my gun at my children or anything like that,” he tells Channel 13.

The pastor of Revival Center Church for God in Christ is accused of shooting into his own daughter’s car while trying to rescue her from an abusive situation with her boyfriend. He claims he never pulled the trigger and says the accusations are putting a strain on the church.

“It’s giving me anxiety. It’s made me feel embarrassed to walk into my own church,” Cameron says.

Des Moines police say Cameron was chasing after his daughter in his car near 2nd Street and Holcomb Avenue on February 22, when he fired a round into her car. Cameron says that information is untrue. He says the sound of a gunshot was actually the sound of his tire popping, claiming that’s why his daughter called 911 on him. When investigators arrived on scene, they found two guns and a spent shell casing in the pastor’s car.

“You can go out to the car and probably find more in there because I go to the shooting range all the time,” Cameron says. “That’s what I love to do. I love to shoot my guns. If I was shooting at the car, I would have hit the car. I know how to shoot.”

The 44-year-old has a permit to carry and says his previous partnerships with metro police should not have landed him in this situation.

“It doesn`t matter what your position is in the community, but we do have higher levels of expectations for teachers, police officers and pastors, but none of that is going to prevent you from being charged with a crime if you commit a crime,” says Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek.

The long-time pastor is now begging for mercy for what he says is a wrongful accusation of trying to protect his daughter.

“If someone would have touched my daughter or did something to my daughter, I would have given everything I had because I would have fired my gun, but it would have been at someone who was harming my daughter. That`s as simple as it gets,” he says.

Cameron faces two counts of child endangerment, domestic abuse and intimidation of dangerous weapon. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 4.


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