DES MOINES, Iowa — Like many roadside ditches this time of year, winter debris has collected along the trail system, and the parks and recreation department has a plan to get the trails back in shape.

It’s the perfect thing for Iowans suffering from cabin fever and who are itching to get outside to enjoy nature. DSM Parks and Recreation said volunteers are needed for Saturday’s cache in and trash out eco-hunt.

Jenny Richmond, assistant director with Des Moines Parks and Recreation, said this event helps to ensure local parks and trails are clean for people to enjoy.

“This time of year we definitely see some extra trash out in our parks and along our trails. Our crews do a fantastic job year round helping to keep that under control. However, this time of year when the spring breezes pick up and the snow melts, some of that does pop out. So we get our volunteers out, our dedicated volunteers out and about, and try to make a difference that way as well,” said Richmond.

Volunteers will meet at Pal Joeys Lounge to grab gear and hit the trails in search for litter.
This event comes with the perfect Easter weekend twist, as volunteers are told to look out for plastic easter eggs with prizes inside of them. For more information about the event or if you’re interested in participating visit DSM Parks and Recreation’s website.