Des Moines Officer Who Broke Suspect’s Ribs is Cleared of Excessive Force

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A judge has cleared a Des Moines police officer accused of using excessive force.

The case goes back to 2016 when Officer Cody Grimes was called to an apartment on a dispute. The caller, Charles Young, asked Grimes to remove two people from the home. When police said they couldn’t, Young slammed the door on Grimes, hitting his leg. While arresting Young, Grimes kneed him, breaking two of his ribs.

Last week, a judge issued a summary judgement in the case and found Grimes’ actions were reasonable for the arrest and use of force. He also found that a second arrest of Young was not retaliatory in nature.

Grimes has a history of high-profile incidents at the Des Moines Police Department. In 2010 he fired a gun a TV photographer after mistaking him for a burglar. In 2011 he was accused of excessive force for hitting a groom while working security at a wedding. And in 2013 he was charged with domestic assault but ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge.


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