Des Moines North High School Students Shocked Classmate Charged With Murder

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The news traveled quickly at Des Moines North High School on Monday.

"That's unbelievable. It just shocks me. I don't know what would make him do that." On Saturday, 17-year-old Des Moines North High School Junior Josue Socop was arrested and charged with first degree murder for a fatal shooting on Friday just a mile southwest of the school.

Angel Guerrero, a classmate of Josue's said, "Everyone is shocked. He doesn't seem to be the person that would do anything like that."

Des Moines police feel otherwise. Sergeant Paul Parizek said, "We believe he was actually the shooter in the incident and established probable cause and took him to jail."

Des Moines police say around 10:30 pm Friday, Josue, armed with a shotgun, shot and killed 28-year- old Jose Lopez near the intersection of 13th and Jefferson. "It was just a verbal dispute that escalated to this. Certainly nothing worth killing somebody over," said Sgt. Parizek.

Actions that fellow classmates just cannot fathom, "Going to elementary school with him, he didn't seem like he'd do anything like that and then it happened and we are all shocked," said Guerrero.

Rumors have even started to spread as to where Josue retrieved such a weapon. Guerrero said, "I've heard he shot someone and someone gave him a gun."

Police say witnesses pointed them towards solid facts and a swift arrest. "The witnesses were critical with helping us. They gave us good guidance on who to look at and some information on what happened, so that was real helpful," said Parizek.

Now, Sergeant Parizek says, the 17-year-old juvenile, faces adult consequences, "A seventeen year old committing first degree murder buys you a direct waiver to adult court."

Josue Socop currently has a bond of $500,000 and a preliminary hearing set for Wednesday, Nov. 18.


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