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Des Moines Native Creates Video Game to Fight Against COVID-19


LONDON, England — A Des Moines native has found a way to kill the coronavirus, at least virtually.

Max Ward, his wife, Carmen Fortea, and their flatmates, Bea Herdon and Carmen Navarro, are roommates in London. Once COVID-19 struck in the UK, they all found themselves furloughed. With this extra time on their hands, they decided to work on a video game. 

“It started as finding a way to just use the time that we had, the free time just to kind of have something to do a project to work on together,” Ward said.

In the game, Call of Corona: Micro Warfare, the gamer’s mission is to enter the body of a famous actor to destroy the source of the virus and ultimately save Hollywood from COVID-19. 

“It’s a video game where you can beat up against coronavirus and fight against coronavirus and kind of get a cathartic victory over it,” Ward said.

Creators Ward, Fortea and Navarro all work in film and used their knowledge of motion design and 3D elements to bring the game to life. While Herdon, an accountant in the UK, made her acting debut. 

Courtesy of Max Ward. From left: Carmen Fortea, Bea Herdon, Max Ward, Carmen Navarro,

These roommates worked on Call of Corona for eight weeks straight before launching the game last Friday. 

The game can be found on Steam and is sold for $3.99, with proceeds going to the World Health Organization. 

Herdon said the game is easy and can be played by anyone.

“I didn’t really see myself as capable of getting through it and I loved it. I was shouting, it was brilliant. So it’s a fun time in these gloomy times that we’re in,” Herdon said. 


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