DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie announced on Thursday that he will vote for Connie Boesen as his successor in the upcoming election.

Mayor Cownie announced in September that he won’t be running for reelection after 20 years of being Des Moines’ mayor. Since then several candidates have announced their run for the position, but Cownie told WHO 13 he wouldn’t endorse any of the candidates — until Thursday.

In a statement Mayor Cownie said he would be supporting Boesen because she’s demonstrated she’s the most qualified to take over as mayor.

“As Des Moines’ longest serving mayor, I know that success comes from a steady, nonpartisan approach to leadership and governance,” Mayor Cownie said. “It is vital that the mayor of Des Moines works collaboratively with other metro communities, Polk County, the State of Iowa and the federal government for the greater good of our city and all of our residents. One candidate has demonstrated those capabilities now and through past years of public service. That is why, on Nov. 7, I will cast my ballot for Connie Boesen as the next mayor of Des Moines.”

Boesen is currently an at-large member of the Des Moines City Council. She has been endorsed by fellow council members Joe Gatto, Carl Voss, and Linda Westergaard. Josh Mandelbaum and Denver Foote are also running to be Des Moines’ next mayor.