DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines man living with Autism started his own business selling bracelets. With each sale, he’s showcasing more than just his handmade ‘Jaslets’.

On Thursday evenings during the summer, you’ll find Jason Tyndall working his booth at the Valley Junction Farmers Market.

“They come and find me at the farmers market,” he said.

Jason’s mom, Tracey Tyndall, said he wants to introduce himself to every customer and talk to every person.

“He’s autistic and he’s got a thing for knots. I found out he had a thing for knots probably 18 or 19 and looking for something for him to do. We came across these bracelets,” she explained.

Over time, Jason’s bracelets became ‘Jaslets’.

The 27-year-old has made thousands of them. He also makes key chains, zippers, and dog collars.  If you can knot them, he can make them.

“I feel proud of him, you know, I love that he’s inspiring other kids,” said Tracey. “He’s inspiring kids that have spectrum needs too. Letting people know you can still do something,”

With his Mom and family at his side, he’s made something out of his hobby.  While he may be a long way from retiring, his ‘Jaslets’ business keeps him comfortable.

“It’s exciting. It makes me happy,” said Jason.

In addition to the Valley Junction Farmers Market, Jason will have a booth inside the Hall of Flame at the Iowa State Fair.