DES MOINES, Iowa — The Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs represents more than just five lives lost to Des Moines’ LGBTQ community. It represents the shattering of a safe space, and a renewed fear of being attacked because of their identities.

The community organized a candlelight vigil for Club Q outside of Blazing Saddles in Des Moines’ East Village. Blazing Saddles, like Club Q, is known as a bar which caters to and protects the LGBTQ community.

The mourners held up their candles and prayed for Colorado Springs, while also worrying if anti-LGBTQ violence will become more prevalent in Iowa.

“We deserve to live our lives just like everyone else,” said Samantha Sanchez, a speaker at the vigil. “Why can’t we live in peace and be happy?”

“We cannot back down,” said Courtney Reyes, the executive director of One Iowa. “We are scared. I am scared. I have messages reaching out to me of people who are scared. I am scared, but you all give me hope.”

The vigil also paid tribute to Transgender Remembrance Day, which was observed on Sunday.