DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines City Council members will consider hiring an independent third-party consulting firm next month to enhance the police department’s policies, training, and principles.

However, the activist organization, Iowa CCI Action Fund, believes more should be done. The organization said it’s been asking the council members to hire a third party and investigate the police department’s practices for years instead of hiring a consulting firm. 

“It’s basically a check-off list of are you doing the right thing with your training? It is not investigating problems within the force such as the sexual harassment lawsuits, and the excessive force claims that have been out there,” said Iowa CCI Action Fund Special Projects Director Sharon Zanders-Ackiss.

The organization said it’s hungry for change for both the department and the community.

“We’re asking for solutions that could be a win for both the community and the department. Cause when you clean house, everyone can operate a little better, so again, that’s internally within the Des Moines PD and within our own community.” 

In a statement, Mayor Frank Cownie said:

“The Des Moines City Council is considering third-party consultants who can independently review DMPD’s current policies, training, and principles with the goal of enhancing our policing efforts and attaining a national accreditation – something we do not have right now. We’re committed to providing our residents the best service we can, and an independent review will help us continue to deliver on that commitment.

An official date has not been scheduled, but I do anticipate the issue being brought before the Council at a work session in May.”