DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines Kiwanis Miracle league just started their fall season last weekend and the league is looking for volunteers.

The league allows kids with special needs or disabilities to be on a baseball team and play weekly games during the season. The league has around 150 athletes registered and 160 volunteers so far, with the goal of having around 500.

A board member with the league explains the role of a volunteer and how they are able to help out.

“To come and help the children play so they are ‘buddies’ and they are assigned to a player and they help them with whatever they need to be able to enjoy the game and keep them safe and keep them engaged,” said Carol Towner, a board member with Des Moines Kiwanis Miracle league. “We have adults, we have teenagers, anyone age 12 and up can be a buddy.”

Those interested in volunteering, donating or just going to a game to watch, visit the league’s website for more information.