DES MOINES, Iowa — Hanukkah started at sunset on Sunday, and Des Moines’ Jewish community commemorated the holiday’s first night in style.

Rabbi Yossi Jacobson erected a 30-foot menorah outside of Maccabee’s Deli for the eight-day holiday. Jacobson recited a prayer in front of a crowd, after which he and Gov. Kim Reynolds lit the first two candles of the menorah from Mediacom bucket trucks.

Jacobson hopes the giant menorah will encourage people of all faiths to be peaceful for the holidays and beyond.

“The Jewish people all over the world are lighting menorahs and bringing light into darkness,” Jacobson said. “Illuminating by doing good things, not fighting with the darkness. Unite with light, that’s what we do here.”

Jacobson will continue to light the menorah for the remaining seven nights of the holiday.