DES MOINES, Iowa — Construction has been going on for a number of months along Fleur Drive at the Des Moines International Airport. The work is to build a bridge that will eventually lead to a new parking ramp, which can hold 1,100 cars.

“Eleven hundred spaces in the new parking garage, which we desperately need,” said Airport Executive Director, Kevin Foley. “We’re filling up on regular basis right now so we need those 1100 spaces. It won’t be available until 2024 is anticipated completion.”

The ramp is an important piece leading up to a new airport terminal.

“We are under design of the new terminal of phase one,” said Foley. The project has been divided into phases in large part due to inflation, inflation continues to raise the cost of that project so we had to break it into three phases so things one new design right now.”

The cost in 2018 was estimated at $406 million. That cost has increased to over $700 million.

Now due to rising costs, the new terminal will be phased in, as the old terminal is phased out.

“Plan is to take that Phase 1 and do a temporary extension and hook into the existing concourses and once that’s done then we could actually tear this part of the terminal down,” said Foley.  “I can’t tell you how long that temporary extension will be there because it all depends on how funding flows.”

Foley said he’s gotten some $30 million in support from local governments around central Iowa that would use and benefit from the new terminal building.