DES MOINES, Iowa — One ruling from a federal judge in Florida seems to have left the country holding its breath.

“I’m kind of conflicted about the mandate in airports,” said Elysa Koss from Clive.

Monday’s ruling declared mask mandates on airplanes and other transportation methods unlawful because the CDC exceeded its statutory authority and violates the Administrative Procedure Act. “We want to make sure we are following the guidance from the TSA, FTA and CDC so we can continue to provide the services we provide in central Iowa,” said Erin Hockman, Chief External Affairs Officer at the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority.

Monday evening TSA stated they would no longer enforce mask mandates on public transportation and transportation hubs. The Des Moines International Airport will follow its lead and discontinued actively enforcing its mask mandate later that evening. The news had incoming passengers wondering like Elysa Koss wondering. She was arriving in Iowa after spending the Easter holiday with family on the east coast. “I like the idea of keeping them in airplanes because of close quarters but in the terminal, if you can stay far enough away from people it’s probably safe to not use them,” Koss said.

Originally set to expire on April 18th for public transportation and flying TSA extended the mask mandate last week to May 3rd. After receiving guidance from TSA the decision was made by DART to lift its mandate which had stood for nearly two years. Hockman said, “We receive federal funding and so it’s really important for us to make sure we are always in compliance with the federal rules and guidelines.”

Darius Williams is a high school freshman at North High School in Des Moines where masking is optional throughout the school district. He’d welcome the change on DART buses. “I would choose no mask because they are irritating to me and I don’t look good with a mask on,” said Williams.

For Emily Hernandez, a Harding Middle School student DART’s decision is fine by her. “I would still wear a mask but for the other people it’s their decision if they want to wear a mask or not,” Hernandez said.

Travelers are advised to continue checking the latest travel guidelines from the website of the airline you are traveling with and the airports you will be traveling to and from.