Des Moines Increases Fines For Not Shoveling Sidewalks


DES MOINES, Iowa — Well we didn’t have a white Christmas, but there’s little doubt that snow is in our future. The city of Des Moines is giving residents a friendly reminder ahead of time about some increased fines involving snow removal.

For the first time in over a decade the capital city is increasing their fines for not shoveling your sidewalk. Once the snow stops, residents have 48 hours to shovel their sidewalks or face a $75 fine. That’s an increase of $25 dollars.

That increased fine keeps raising for repeat offenders. For a second offense you are charged $100 dollars, all the way up to $175 if you failed to shovel five times. Deputy Public Works Director for Des Moines, Adam Smith, said after issuing over 400 of these failure to shovel sidewalk fines, they felt it was time to increase the punishment.

“Our concern is twofold. First, citizens of all ages and all different abilities use our sidewalks every day. So we want to make sure they have a clear path to the bus, to school, to work, or wherever they are going. Secondly, we do have real costs associated with going out and investigating these fines,” Smith said.

Des Moines public works said they mainly deal with non-shoveled sidewalks on a complaint basis. You can report an area with the MyDSMmobile App or give them a call at 515-283-4950.

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