Des Moines Homicide Victims Remembered at Candlelight Vigil


DES MOINES, Iowa — About 100 friends, family and neighbors gathered at Good Park for a candlelight vigil for Damiko Carr and Karyree Henderson. The brothers were killed last weekend in a shooting on Des Moines’ west side.

The vigil was organized by Des Moines’ Mothers Against Violence founder Calvetta Williams.

“I just can’t imagine come Monday when we have to sit in that church and look at two caskets … two sons. I mean, I have kids myself, so I just can’t even imagine, not one but two,” said Williams.

Both brothers have had run ins with law enforcement in the past. Carr served six years for charges related to the shooting death of a local man back in 2012. Henderson was convicted of felony drug charges, but activists are urging residents to look beyond the past, saying their deaths have left many holes in peoples’ hearts.

“Humans with a mother, a father, loved ones that love them. No matter what … people portray them to be … there was still a life, two lives lost, and families left without their loved ones,” said Williams.

Des Moines police do not have any updates on the ongoing investigation, but Sgt. Paul Parizek did say to Channel 13 in a statement that the reluctance of some to help investigators is being balanced by the forensic examination of evidence.


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