Des Moines Homeless Shelter Celebrates Mother’s Day With Roses


DES MOINES, Iowa — Central Iowa Shelter and Services aimed to brighten up Mother’s Day for homeless mothers. For some of the women staying at the shelter, motherhood hasn’t been easy.

“My oldest son passed away when he was five. I had stillbirth twins and a 17-week miscarriage,” said Hailey, a woman who seeks assistance from Central Iowa Shelter and Services.

Hailey said a traumatic brain injury prevents her from taking care of two of her children. However, Mother’s Day remains a bright spot in her life, especially since the shelter handed out roses to mothers for the special occasion.

“I almost cried, to be honest. It’s just a little bit of acknowledgment that I still exist and I am still a mom,” said Hailey.

Although Hailey cannot celebrate with her children this year, she hopes everyone who can do so will not take it for granted.

“Today, I want people to appreciate the mothers in their life. From the woman that gave birth to you, if she’s involved, if she’s not involved, if she never was the woman who fed you, the woman who took care of you, the woman whose shoulder you cried on, who held you in her arms. That woman deserves respect and love today,” Hailey said.

The shelter handed out the roses because COVID-19 cast a shadow over this day last year and they wanted to help mothers remember the joy of life and that they won’t be weighed down by the pandemic forever. The flowers were donated to the shelter by families.

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