Des Moines Group Bringing Back Live Local Music Virtually


DES MOINES, Iowa — A metro musician and promoter has a plan to bring live local music back … virtually. DSMTV Live launches a new concert series online on Friday night. Music lovers will be treated to a 10-show concert series featuring ten artists from the Midwest. Jerry Lorenson of Towncrier, Pianopalooza and Pork Tornadoes is part of the group behind the push to help musicians during the pandemic. He says many local artists have lost at least 80% or their revenue. Lorenson says each concert individually is $15 but you can purchase an entire season pass with access to all ten concerts for $75.

E01 The Danny Grause Band :: 11/27/20

E02 ZOOFUNKYOU :: 12/04/20

E03 Damon Dotson Band :: 12/11/20

E04 SUPERCHIEF :: 12/18/20

E05 DRUIDS :: 12/26/20


E07 DICKIE :: 01/08/21

E08 NOT QUITE BROTHERS :: 01/15/21

E09 CHAD ELLIOTT :: 01/22/21

E10 SOME FRIENDS :: 01/29/21

To check out the weekly lineup and to purchase a season pass or indiviudal performances of local bands, head to DSMTV’s website:


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