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DES MOINES, IOWA — The city of Des Moines has a goose problem. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department says local parks and trails are being overrun by Canada geese and their droppings. But the department says they have a plan to get rid of them.

On Monday morning the Des Moines City Council was given a preview of the goose control program that is being devised. Parks and Recreation Director Ben Page says it will start by trying to dissuade the birds, then harass them before turning to lethal measures.

“We’ll start to put in some taller native grasses in because geese don’t like to sit next to tall grasses because they can’t see a predator coming,” said Page, “and then after that the next step is some harassment tools such as loud bangs or hiring companies that have trained dogs that will just chase them and harass them. Then after that you can begin some more lethal measures like oiling the eggs so they don’t hatch or even a hunt in city limits. It has to be controlled. It has to be through a DNR license.”

The City Council must give final approval before the program can be put into place.