Des Moines Coffee Shop Phases Out Disposable Cups

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Another local coffee shop is trying to be more sustainable for the new year by phasing out disposable cups.

Andrea Cummings opened DreiBerge Coffee just six months ago with sustainability in mind by selling their coffee in cups that don’t require a plastic lid.

They are now phasing out disposable cups entirely and asking customers to bring their own cup, buy a DreiBerge cup or use a loaner cup.

Cummings said it is extremely important to her and her family to be more sustainable.

“Because we have a future generation living in our home and living with us, we recognize the importance of taking care of the earth even more than I think ten years ago before we had kids. We want to leave the earth in a better way than what we receive it, and so if we can do anything to help decrease waste, decrease pollution, we want to be able to be a part of that,” Cummings said.

They follow in the footsteps of Horizon Line Coffee, which has a similar program with glass jars. Both businesses hope this will become a community-wide effort.

“It’s not something that we are trying to hold to close to the vest. The goal is the more people that do it the better. We will always try to help out other shops who are looking to do something similar,” Horizon Line co-owner Nam Ho said.

One customer said she found it very easy to switch over to the reusable program.

“We already use towels and you use so many things like that over and over. You don’t buy a new toothbrush every single day, so why not bring your coffee cup,” Cassidy Ringena said.

To start the new year right, a customer said she made a rule for herself to bring a reusable cup every day, and if she didn’t, she wasn’t getting coffee at all.

“For us especially, I work at Lululemon, we throw away coffee cups every day and that’s a majority of our garbage. If we all bring our cup, think about how much less trash just that store is throwing away, let alone every store in this area and then bigger than that. It’s just really cool to see how much this makes an impact when you look at it day over day,” Lesa Wicks said.

DreiBerge Coffee plans to be disposable cup free by April.


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