Des Moines City Leaders Press Pause on Gun Ordinance

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Moments before a vote to ban high-capacity magazines and trigger activators on guns, a Des Moines council member in favor of the idea instead opted for a delay.

The proposal brought dozens of gun owners to Monday’s meeting, each with complaints over the new restrictions. The complaints and the likelihood of a lawsuit convinced the council to hold off on voting for now.

“For the city manager and police chief to research a number of things and get back to us,” Council member Josh Mandelbaum said.

Mandelbaum supported the ban on magazines that carry more than ten rounds of ammo and bump stocks.

But the city council decided to delay a decision, asking the city manager to conduct research so it could make a more informed decision.

A representative from Mom’s Demand Action wasn’t satisfied with the decision.

“We were hoping for a different outcome, but every time the topic of gun violence prevention is brought up, we are happy to engage,” Mary Lasky said.

If passed, the ban would’ve made carrying, firing, purchasing and selling high-capacity magazines in Des Moines city limits a misdemeanor.

Council member Bill Gray says there is already a federal law banning trigger activators, also known as bump stocks.

This gun ordinance comes on the heels of a mass shooting at a municipal building in Virginia Beach back in May. But gun owners say firearms are not the issue.

“Neither your ordinance nor ‘no guns’ signs have any magical power to ward off evil. In fact, they enable it,” said Richard Rogers with Iowa Firearms Coalition.

There is no timeline as to when the city manager is expected to present his findings.

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