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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines City Council will vote Monday on a multi-million dollar plan to overhaul and renovate Birdland Park and Marina.

“The vision for this park would be an expanded marina. We currently hold 63 boat slips, and we will expand that to more than 100,” said Des Moines City Councilwoman Linda Westergaard.

The Birdland Park and Marina Master Plan would take place in several phases. The goal of the project is to build and expand on the existing land.

“We would be building a new building for Captain Roy’s. The Power Boat Club and the Rowers both have older buildings here at the park. We would build new buildings for them,” said Westergaard.

The plan also includes expanding the trails and marina, adding new paddling and rowing launches, installing fishing piers, a beach and adding a playground, splashground and skate ribbon for the youth.

“At Monday night’s meeting, we plan to approve the master plan,” said Westergaard.

Westergaard said the project would cost around $50 million. She said the city would pay for the renovations as well as grants and some private financing. Westergaard believes once this project is completed, it would be good for the north side community.

“This, in my mind, is the crown jewel of this park. It offers so much already, and with the master plan being implemented, this is going to be a very popular destination,” said Westergaard.