Des Moines City Council Moves Forward With New Market District

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines City Council voted to move forward with JSC Properties to develop plans for a multi-use district just south of the East Village. The development company unveiled design plans to turn the 260-acre space into a new hub for residences, office buildings and retail spaces along with pedestrian-friendly green spaces.

“We’ve longed envisioned the Market District, which really sits south of East Village to MLK, as a great development potential site. Ten to 12 years ago when MLK crossed the river, we knew we had opened up a great piece of real estate,” said Deputy City Manager Matt Anderson.

The reimagined Market District would add more than 3,400 housing units and two parks. There are also plans to incorporate green storm draining tactics to help clean and recirculate storm water into the river.

“This is something very unique that is really going to help the quality of life with the walkability, shopping, the beautiful park that we are going to have, very similar to what happened in Gateway West when the sculpture park was built,” said Councilman Joe Gatto.

When asked about price, Anderson said currently there is none, but he claims it is something that will become more concrete with time.

“This will take a number of months to go through the development process, so we haven’t started talking numbers yet. We are really talking concept, and this is to see if the city council really likes that concept,” said Anderson.

Anderson estimates the project will take upwards of 15 years to develop the area completely.


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