DES MOINES, Iowa – The Des Moines Police Department is getting more oversight, something members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement have repeatedly demanded.

“We deserve full transparency and accountability of our police along with citizen oversight,” Veola Perry with Iowa CCI said, “and not tuck away issues with hopes that the public will forget.”

“Even if there weren’t racial disparities, we should welcome and expect police accountability to the residents of this city,” Jean O’Donnell with Iowa CCI said.

Next week, the city council will review a report completed by consultant Public Works, LLC. The organization worked with residents on ways to improve community engagement with the police department.

The city is also considering hiring a third-party consultant to help the police department earn national accreditation. Mayor Frank Cownie hopes the city will have that consultant hired by June.

“Without a doubt we have much work ahead, but I am hopeful that over the next two months we will see movement that assists our police department in best serving the Des Moines neighborhoods and all of our residents,” Mayor Cownie said.

The consultant that will eventually be hired will analyze the police department’s policies, training programs, and principles.